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Mini Excavator Carter CT16

Mini Excavator Carter CT16


Operating weight :1800 /1700 kg
Bucket capacity : 0.05 /0.06 cubic meter
Main Features:

Unique zero –tail and variable chassis  with body structure , suitable for working in narrow space and difficult environment.

Devices , bucket capacity rang : 0.25 -0.08 /cubic meter , in accordance with divers work demand.
The core of the work is Flexible operation , with the help of the best hydraulic systems that cause the boom , arm and bucket work Flexibly , quickly and efficiently , and achieve the realistic characteristics .
Comfortable and balanced operating environment : low noise , low chair vibration , sensitive operating control and scientific configuration with various buttons for displaying the best driving environment .
Type of open engine door suitable for maintenance :daily check  only requires opening the engine door to check the engine , clean the air filter and fill the cooling .
main equipment :
Perkins  original imported engine

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